Whether a student wants to pursue music as a career or simply maintain it as a hobby, musicianship instills a sense of discipline, work ethic, and personal responsibility that will serve as a lifelong source of enrichment.


LIVE 1 | Ages 8-11

We feel students learn music best when their curiosity is given room to grow, that’s why exploration, intuition and performing are integral at this stage. Students get their first taste of music theory, sight-reading and rhythms through games and activities that stimulate, while still being easy to digest.

Technique &

LIVE 2 | Ages 12-14

The curriculum focuses on the technicalities of each student’s chosen instrument, as well as improvisation, composition and the exploration of world music. Building upon the foundations taught during the Experiential Stage, students continue to explore their connection to sound through body movement, interpretation, and performance.


LIVE 3 | Ages 15-18

At this stage in the game, high school-level students are ready to take their music education to the next level, seeking music as a professional pursuit or entrepreneurial endeavor. While students continue their work on improvisation and performance, they dive deep into songwriting –creating original compositions and learning about music technology and recording.

Students are grouped by age and playing level, based on placement test conducted during the registration process.