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Become a Miami-based musician, role model & mentor for a year.

Fellowship Program

We're here to build an ever-expanding network of young professional artists who are willing to explore and shape their own future while creating an environment rich in connectivity, creativity, and support. 

The LMSOM Fellowship Program hosts current college seniors or recent graduates as residents in the Miami area to serve as role models & mentors to our pool of students by teaching in our yearly performance program, and to our community by leading or assisting with workshops, clinics, shows and more. 

We're looking for competent, responsible and committed young leaders from all walks of life with experience in one or more of the following fields:

Piano & Keys
Guitar & Bass
Brass & Woodwinds
Drums & Percussion
Recording & Production



APRIL 1st, 2018

1. Portfolio
2. Official Sealed Transcript
3. Completed Background Check
4. Resume


Please send to the following address

Live! Modern School of Music
1788 Sans Souci Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181


The Deets...


Living Arrangements & Rules

Each mentor will be provided with a private room containing a twin size bed, a dresser and a work station

The residency will have shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen (fully equipped) and common space

All rooms will be painted a uniform color, to repaint, a $200 deposit must be made in advance

Amenities (make icons): Photos of the space will be sent out to your email once we've secured a spot.  Rest assured it will be a clean, conveniently located space, fully equipped with all the basic needs.

Wi-Fi / Hair dryer / hangers / washer / dryer / Iron / dishwasher / Fully equipped kitchen / AC / Pool & gym / Parking

Transportation will be provided to and from the residency > school or school related events.

Residents are responsible for doing their own groceries & toiletries shopping.  A stipend will be provided to help with these costs. (More TBA)

Residents are free to schedule their own paying gigs as long as it doesn't conflict with your work at the school. We'll be partnering with different venues to facilitate bookings. (eg; Lagniappe, Walter & Grace, Wynwood Radio, Junior & Hatter)

No pets allowed 

Work week visiting hours in common areas are:
Monday – Thursday from 9am-11pm

Weekend visiting hours in common areas are:
Friday & Saturday from 9am-3am
Sunday’s are included only when followed by a holiday

Fellows must submit an official notice to the Residency Coordinator when having guests overnight (48 hours in advance)

No guest under the age of 18 is allowed without parental consent and adult supervision

No smoking inside the premises

No drugs

This is not a hotel, it is shared residence.  Please bring your own towels and clean up after yourself.


Applications due on April 1st, 2018

Decisions will be announced on June 1st, 2018

Move in date is August 1st, 2018

Welcome dinner on Thursday, August 2nd

Training period from Aug 6th to Aug 17th

Program starts on Aug 20th

Resident's Commitments

Commit to live in the residency facility for one program year

Volunteer 20 hours a week at LMSOM (position to be determined prior to acceptance)

Meet monthly with the program director to review goals & objectives

Work collaboratively with peers in LMSOM community projects

Have an active role in a minimum of two organizational teams

Act as role models & mentor to the members in our programs as well as in the community at large

Utilize the fellowship as a transition to the next phase of your personal and professional life

Maintain communication with LMSOM to promote and improve the experience we provide.

Be kind, be polite, be wise.

Why apply?


LMSOM Fellowship Program in a nutshell

  • Living expenses paid for 1 year
  • Stipend for groceries
  • Vocational training experience
  • Learn to coexist thru Sociocratic methods of self-governance
  • Engage in local networking & performance opps
  • Learn the Design Thinking ways
  • Gain experience in leadership & innovation


Juicer & Recipes

Personal kit of utensils, containers and water bottle


Bookleggers Library for common areas


Warimba hammocks


Twin bed, closet and work station