What makes a great teacher?

With a little help from Andean Cosmovision wisdom mixed in with design thinking techniques, we came up with a list of positive attitudes a great teacher needs to have.


Great teachers don’t need to be recognized as such, instead, they recognize the student as their teacher as well.


Great teachers don’t act in an offensive or self-centered way, instead, they respond in a peaceful and humble manner.


Great teachers don’t try to hold back and keep students confined to their teachings, instead, they encourage students to make their own decisions.


Great teachers don’t criticize or defame any teaching style or method, instead, they give their opinion respectfully, building on others’ ideas.


Great teachers don’t have to sell or convince anyone of their methods, instead, they provide concrete tools that help students evolve.

Our team is definitely comprised of great teachers!

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In-houseLuciana Cereseto