We speak music.

Summer is quite possibly the most electric time of year at Live!

Mornings are buzzing with creative energy, lunch breaks are enjoyed outdoors in the park, and afternoons are filled with our favorite tunes echoing off the walls.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a diverse group of students, giving the attendees of our summer music programs the opportunity to meet and perform with peers from all around the world, creating the ideal setting for our performance-based program. This year, we’ll have 5 different dates to choose from, making it easy to join in at any point throughout the summer.

It’s also one of our favorite times of the year because daily routines take a bit of a backseat, and we get to share our passion for music making with students in a whole new way. Every summer, we host a series of 2-week music summer camp sessions for students of all ages and experience levels, creating a unique environment for anyone who wants to learn, grow and have fun with music.



Each session consists of 4 core subjects – composition, songwriting, sectionals, and band. Students learn how to write their own music and lyrics, enhance their technical playing abilities, and work in unison with other musicians in a true band setting. At the end of each 2-week session, students and their instructors put together a repertoire of songs that will be showcased in a live performance for family and friends.

We’re also excited to announce that for the first time ever, we’ll be live streaming our summer session performances via Facebook Live, so you’ll be able to share the experience with friends and family, no matter where they are!

Enrollment is open for students of all ages and expertise levels so everyone can join! We conduct placement tests before the camp starts so that each enrollee is surrounded by students at their same level and can progress accordingly to the rest of the group.

Throwback to 2011 Summer Camp Show at Live!'s studio.

Throwback to 2011 Summer Camp Show at Live!'s studio.