How was your summer?

Because ours was awesome.

We wrapped up our summer sessions in August with three successful music camps. Our kids were able to practice, jam, and engage together to put on three amazing concerts at the end of each session. And we can't underestimate what it means for these kids to accomplish our summer curriculum — it isn't an easy feat, and to be able to go from zero musical experience to putting on a show in a matter of two weeks is a remarkable accomplishment.

So instead of telling you what we did this summer, we'll let one of our students get her word in about her experience.

 "The summer camp really helped me understand the things I needed to know as a singer and musician. I was helped one-on-one, and we did different types of workshops on different subjects in music. They really brought out inspiration in me for lyrics and even for melodies!" says Jane Cohen, 11 year old singer and songwriter.

Live! has a reputation for allowing our students to teach each other in their band programs. It immerses them deeper into their music, and deeper into what it means to be a band member. Jane goes on to say, "I loved working with the other kids. I saw a tremendous improvement from all of my classmates from only two weeks of camp! Not only did we learn so much, but it was so much fun to work with music all day!"

Live! summer instructor Karla Vega adds on, "It's always impressive that they can do so much in two weeks. Some of them have never grabbed an instrument before, and by the end of the session they play a show." Impressive indeed. And what about the camp as just that? a camp. "They bond a lot more during the summer because they're together for so many hours of the day, so it's cool to see that happens."

Creative kids in a room together has never been a bad mix, and something fun and inventive always comes out of it. Without so many words, Live! summer session was a hit.

Written by Mark Meneses

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