Featured Artist: Radiohead

There’s no doubt Radiohead is one of our generation’s most influential alternative rock bands - from their innovative music videos to the social commentary ingrained in their lyrics, these English rockers have always found a way to capture our curiosity and toy with our emotions.

To commemorate Radiohead’s newly released album, A Moon Shaped Pool, we’re hosting one more round of our #LiveInstaJam before the summer. This time, we’re changing things up a bit and adding a prize into the mix - the winning entry will receive a special edition of Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool, including 2 12” vinyl records, CDs containing the entire album plus 2 bonus tracks, an instant digital download of the album, and more!

We’ll be judging the entries based on creativity, skill and Instagram likes, so get your friends to support you by showing some love on your submissions. We’re looking forward to seeing your favorite Radiohead tunes reinterpreted by you, and can’t wait to see what you come up with. To participate, simply follow the challenge guidelines below, and submit your entry before May 31st.

Good luck!


Special Edition | Shipped to winner in September

Special Edition | Shipped to winner in September

  1. Pick your favorite Radiohead song

  2. Record a 15-30 second performance - channel your inner Thom Yorke and don’t be afraid to think outside the box

  3. Upload your entry to Instagram with the following hashtags: #RadioheadInstaJam & #LMSOM

  4. Mention @live_music_school in your entries to make sure we’re notified. Since this is a social contest, we prefer that profiles are set to public so that everyone can enjoy each other’s submissions, but if you prefer to keep yours private, make sure that Live! is following you so we don’t miss your posts.

  5. Challenge at least one other person to join the #RadioheadInstaJam - don’t forget to mention them in your post description!

  6. Feel free to enter more than once! Just remember to follow the guidelines above - we won’t be able to track your entries without the challenge hashtags, so make sure to add them to each submission

  7. Deadline for entries is May 31st. Winner will be announced the first week of June, and will be receiving the Special Edition album package for Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool. Full package details can be seen here.


. I’m not a Live! Student? Don't worry! Anyone can participate. Just be sure to follow our guidelines to make sure your submission is entered.

. I don't know anyone who plays music? Challenge @live_music_school - we'll select one of our talented mentors to take on the challenge!