Fall is here...

ok, But where did summer go?

This summer proved to be challenging (in a positive way), dynamic, and full of surprises!


We hosted our 11th Annual Summer Camp in Miami, visited our friends at Zouzounia TV in Athens, and our director Juan Pablo Díaz led a Design Thinking workshop for Berklee City Music in Boston. Not bad, right?

Now that summer's over we're ready to start a fresh school year equipped with some fantastic new mentors to lead the way. Among them, vox extraordinaire Antoinne Barnes, who'd worked with us about ten years ago. Welcome back, Antoinne! Also new, the repertoire: band members vote for the tunes they want to play. Songs are arranged, charts get written. Students attend band practice once a week, and by the end of the term, they have a repertoire of at least six songs, fined-tuned and ready to perform & record. Nice.

What do our programs offer?

Performance & Recording opportunities: The last two weeks of the term will be dedicated to dress-rehearsals and having a recording experience, complete with studio etiquette classes and video recording. Throughout the term, students will participate in various events both in-house and around town, including a redesigned version of Open Mics, the end-of-term show, community events, and festivals

Portfolio development , higher-education & audition prep bands where students can work on their material and get real-world experience for the road ahead

Workshops from prominent artists at local and international levels

Scholarship opportunities to Berklee's programs, one of the world's most renowned music colleges

Our state-of-the-art facility with rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, a music production lab, and all of the latest gear & software

A creative environment with supportive & caring mentors, experienced in the industry

Would you like to join?
Call or text (305) 893-0191

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