A shared intention for 2016

Thank you for the ones who find their way to our sides, our tribes, our [family].

Thank you for the wisdom to take care of one another and value our contributions as a whole. We need your support as we take the next steps to expand. Comfort our fears and teach us to gather in a circle of equals. Remind us the circle has no beginning and no end, and that nature contains innumerable examples of the beauty of co-leading and sacred geometry. Remind us that in community we're naturally occurring mandalas, complex forms made of simple components. Manage our defenses, diffuse our bombs; humble us so that we can tune-in to your divine frequency again and hear each other's joys and cries. Impart to us immense tolerance for the eccentricities in one another, knowing that we have them too. Strengthen our connections and bring us together like family. Remove our irrational fears of moving along the road together and allow us to look at the many options for working together. Inspire in us the creativity required to dream outside of our insular boxes and single family homes, and meet up by the fireside to break some bread together and spread our beautiful ideas out on the table like a feast. Lean in to one another's shoulders when we need a little nudge. Fill us with your insurmountable hope that our collaborations will yield great harvests. Humble our pace with patience for each other. Slow our progress when we need to take a break to truly appreciate it and understand our effects. Clear our injuries so that we can hear just what's being presented now. Remind us to barter and trade for what we need. Show us new ways of combining our efforts in commerce to benefit our higher purposes and our fellowship. Lead us by the hand to create a mandala upon your soft surface. Bathe us in your blue/gray ceiling, shed a little sunshine on us, burn up our egos with your flame and inspire our communications with lightening bolts of compassion. Let us default to great love for one another in times of doubt and work together towards solutions.

–Pixie Lighthorse