Presenting: #LiveInstaJam

We are really excited to start our first social music collaboration through the #LiveInstaJam initiative.

We hope that you guys take part in this exciting movement that will allow us to keep learning and growing while taking the Live! Modern School of Music experience to a completely new level!

At Live! Modern School of Music we strongly believe that music education is about much more than  just taking music lessons and learning how to play an instrument. One of our main goals is to help students connect with others who share their love of music, using our platform as an outlet where they can explore their creativity and collaborate to make amazing things happen. 

How does #LiveInstaJam work?

Every Monday, a Band of the Week will be announced on our Instagram account: @Live_music_school

Students will then be able to record their 15 second arrangement of any song they pick from the band of the week using guitar, piano, bass or as many musical instruments as they’d like.

Once the video is ready, students can upload it to their Instagram account using these 2 hashtags: #LiveInstaJam & #Lmsom along with the Instagram handle of at least one other person they want to challenge.

At the end of each week we will publish the best takes on our site and YouTube Channel so that you guys can watch it and share it as many times as you’d like!


When does it start?

The first #LiveInstaJam will be announced on our Instagram account on Monday, November 9th, and students will have time to upload their videos until Friday, November 13th. 

A new band will be announced every Monday, and challenges will run until Friday of that week.


Do I have to be a Live! student to participate?

Not at all! We know our students will do an awesome job to jumpstart this initiative, and we encourage them to challenge anyone they’d like. 

Everyone can be a part of this awesome project, you just need to receive a challenge, use both hashtags (#LiveInstaJam & #Lmsom) and pass on the challenge to someone else, and so on :)


Can I submit more than one video?

Sure! Feel free to do as many songs of the Band of the Week as you’d like.  Just remember to use both hashtags and pass on the challenge.


What if I don’t know anyone who plays an instrument?

You can still participate by uploading your video and challenging us!  We’ll randomly pick one of our beloved mentors and see if they can bring it! ;)