What does this mean for us?

It means we are connecting musically-potent kids to professional musicians across the country and in our city in order to provide scholarly resources for development. It means all of our students will have access to a richer and deeper music education.

It also means we will be using the Berklee PULSE (Pre-University Learning System Experience), a web-based music method that gives all our students access to professional Berklee instructors and critical learning material. This proven system allows students to learn and absorb music knowledge in an engaging  network that teaches while connecting them to other musicians.

Also available will be scholarships, greater performance opportunities, and local Berklee auditions for those who wish to apply.

Live! has joined Berklee College of Music in the Berklee City Music Network, a collaboration of mentors and musicians that provide nonprofit music education and resources to underserved students in cities across the nation. 

The Berklee City Music Program will establish a crucial relationship between musicians in Boston and Miami that will merge these two musical communities, expanding opportunity for students both new and existing at Live! — join us.