Sam Lang

Florida State University | Major in Psychology

What made you want to play guitar?

My mom is a bass player — she actually still gigs with her band from college. I fill in for their guitar player a lot. She had an old classical guitar laying around the house and at 13 I asked to start lessons. I’m lucky my parents were willing to let me start up another instrument — this was after having quit both the drums and piano.

Can you describe the experience you had at Live?

I absolutely loved Live. I felt that I had a very basic guitar teaching and after switching to Live! both my skill and knowledge of music theory increased exponentially. I was also lucky to be a student of Juan earlier, he was still teaching at the time.

What are you working on these days?

Right now I am actually really getting into jazz. I’ve been listening to a lot of Wes Montgomery. I’ve been practicing the most I have in a while and have been taking an online jazz and blues theory course. I’m trying now to fill in all the holes that I feel like I’m missing, whether it’s how advanced my chord library is or knowledge of scales. I would like to be able to look at an advanced jazz chord chart and be able to play the chord voicing with no problem and be able to improvise over it with an array of scales and modes, etc.

Anything on the horizon?

I’ll be starting grad school for psychology in the Spring of next year. Hopefully in the semester that I’ll be home doing nothing I can get more involved with Live. I miss playing with people like you wouldn’t imagine. I’m considering joining one of the adult bands once I move back home.

Sam & former teacher Gustavo Porras setting up for the show | 2008

Sam & former teacher Gustavo Porras setting up for the show | 2008