Mica Tenenbaum

University of Pennsylvania | Major in Communications

What made you pick piano and singing?

When I was seven, I was always over my best friend's house when she had her piano lessons. I think I started piano because I'd spy on her classes and wanted to join in on the fun. I've always loved singing and would often treat my family to karaoke performances and sing at school events as a kid. I now realize that I also began vocal lessons because another one of my best friends starting taking them.

Can you describe the experience you had at Live?

Live! was one of the best things that happened to me while growing up. I think I started with vocal lessons in 2010 and then entered the band program in 2011. I was assigned to a group of kids that would soon become my best friends and my bandmates in Tabula Rasa, the band I'm still in. All the classes I took at Live and all the performance and learning opportunities I was given throughout the years totally contributed to me being the musician I am today. I maybe wouldn't even be a musician if it weren't for Live. I walked in with some basic piano experience and some potential as a singer and was able to grow enormously. When I think of Live, I think of a million things, including the months I spent trying to distinguish an XLR from a 1/4 inch, Esther's bizarre and awesome breathing exercises, the peace that could always be found in Juan's office, and the sound of 7 Nation Army (which amazingly (regrettably) never went of style in the four years I was at Live) blasting through the halls.

2012 PAX

2012 PAX

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I'm finishing up my first year at the University of Pennsylvania. I'm taking a bunch classes for my Communication major and my Chinese and Consumer Psychology minors, and unfortunately preparing for a billion final exams. But I swear I also do fun things at Penn! I'm a member of Bloomers, an all-female musical sketch comedy troupe. I play keyboard and sing in the troupe's band. We do a lot of fun covers and are now getting ready for our last (and wildest, so I've heard) show of the semester. I'm planning on staying in Philadelphia during the summer for an internship.

I'm also working with Tabula Rasa on the release of our second album! We've been working on it long distance, because our band members now live in different cities across the U.S. The band has definitely gone through some rough times and changes but we're incredibly excited to release the amazing album that's been in the works for almost two years.

Any future plans?

In the near future, I plan on getting back into writing music and also hopefully learning how to play guitar. In the nearer future I plan on finally releasing the Tabula Rasa album. I'm looking forward to going home to visit my family and meet my new dog, Molly. I'm also looking forward to studying abroad in China my junior year. Beyond that, I don't really know! I don't know what kind of career I want within the field of communications, or where I'll want to settle down.

But I'll always be down for the scenario in which the Tabula Rasa album blows up and I become a rockstar.

You can hear Mica’s band Tabula Rasa on Bandcamp.