Andres Bonet

Ibero-American University | Major in Sociology of Communications

What made you choose to play guitar and bass?

When I first attended Live! I played electric guitar. I played a couple of concerts with it, but one day the bass player of the band stopped coming to rehearsals. So I said I would play bass for the upcoming gig. After the concert, I absolutely fell in love with the bass guitar. Everyone I admired at Live! told me that I was really good at it and so I started getting more into it. I feel like it’s such a powerful instrument.

What was your Live! experience like?

It's kind of hard to put my experience into words. Live! completely changed my life. Regardless of how my day was going, getting there and playing was always the best part of my day. Juan and Zach really changed my life. They told me I had to stop fooling around and going out so much, and that I needed to really put my mind in the music. And so I did. 

Live! is such a warm environment. Besides them being my teachers, Juan and Zach became really close to me and we eventually went go to see jazz bands play at venues together. Sometimes I would go see them play with their bands. I learned a lot from it.

What's going on in your live right now?

As of today, I’m studying Sociology of Communications in the Ibero-American University in México City. I moved to Mexico and applied to a jazz school in the city; but after seeing all of the problems that Mexico had, I decided that I wanted to study something that could eventually help the distortion of information and the people. So, music related I am only working with a rock band that my friend put together a long time ago, sometimes playing gigs with them at bars to make some extra money. More than anything, it’s fun.

What are your plans for the future?

I don’t think I have a certain plan, all I know is that I want to keep playing music and be in solidarity with just causes throughout the country.