Fernando Souza Ramos

Berklee College of Music | Major in Music Production & Engineering | Minor in Commercial Record Production

What made you pick your instrument(s)?

I picked up the guitar through my unhealthy obsession with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Once I beat those games at the highest levels, the most logical thing for me to do was to go out and buy a real guitar. I played guitar in a punk band for a year and a half before I started trading places with my drummer and playing drums on a few songs. Drums became my escape from being a guitarist, and eventually when I played mostly drums, the guitar served the same purpose for me.

Can you describe your experience at Live?

I took lessons at Live! for three years, 2008-2011. Alex, one of my best friends still to this day, began taking lessons there and playing in bands before I even knew about it. I went to his first show, and I signed up immediately after. No other place in Miami provided students with this unique outlook on music education. I learned how to be in a band and all it entails: professionalism, collaboration between artists, the ability to pick up a song. Also the indescribable feeling of getting together with like-minded people who all share one passion, and working together in order to achieve a goal. At my current school, we are required to do a similar thing. We get paired up by age and skill level and play in an ensemble. My teachers at Live! taught me everything I know about music, most importantly the ability to collaborate.

What are you working on right now?

Producing music as an independent artist, focusing mainly on electronic production. Also working as a producer and engineer for other local artists. Producing and performing as an electronic trio, TuneSquad, where we incorporate electronic instruments (synthesizers, drum machines) into our shows but perform all parts of the song live.

Any future plans?

After graduating next May, my plan is to move to New York City and work as an engineer at a commercial recording studio. Meanwhile, I also plan to write, record, and produce my own music and promote myself as an independent artist.

You can check out Fernando’s music on his Soundcloud page

Select tracks: Doubt | What You Waiting For? Gwen Stefani Remix


Fern circa 09

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