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S E T 0 1

14:00 - 16:00


The 5-0(6)

Mentor Zach Larmer
Lucio Portillo - Voice
Clementina Ramirez - Piano and Voice
Martin Seals - Piano
Noah De La Portilla - Guitar
Mateo Fernandez - Drums


Can't Stand Losing You x The Police
Englishman In New York x Sting
Don't Stand So Close To Me x The Police
Wrapped Around Your Finger x The Police
So Lonely x The Police


The Country Bandits

Mentor Taylor Powell
Lucas Pertierra - Drums
Savannah Pertierra - Piano and Voice
Lucia Lecour -Piano and Voice
Nerina Craven - Voice
London Roth - Piano and Voice
Valentina Azcarate - Voice


Man I Feel Like a Woman x Shania Twain
Jolen x Dolly Parton
We'll be the Stars x Sabrina Carpenter
Boot Scoot-n-Boogie x Brooks and Dunn

Mentor Danny Marques
Justin Sharmat - Guitar
Satya Preuss - Voice
Jespreet Mokha - Voice
Martina Travieso - Piano
Jordan Omeish - Piano
Samuel De La Rosa - Voice
Simon VIllamizar - Drums


Come Together x The Beatles
Oh! Darling x The Beatles
Day Tripper x The Beatles
Hey Jude x the Beatles



Mentor Taylor Powell
Satine Garcia - Guitar and Voice
Talia Robbins - Guitar and Voice
Kaya Lemoine - Piano and Voice
Max Leon - Drums


Wheels x Cake
Hard to Handle x The Black Crowes
Don't Wake Me Up x The Hush Sound
Talkin' in Your Sleep x The Romantics

S E T 0 2

16:00 - 18:00


Cristian Acevedo Project

Mentor Zach Larmer
Cristian Acevedo - Drums
Teddy Kingsbury - Keys
Ana Sofia Roldan - Bass


Could You Be Loved x Bob Marley
Blue Sofa x Cristian Acevedo
Uprising x Kneebody


The Replacemints

Mentor Danny Marques
Amelie Subirats - Voice
Eden Bajaroff - Voice
Liv Chepenik - Voice
Gabriella Muchacho - Guitar and Ukelele
Alex Sobrino - Bass
Jaedon Taylor - Keyboard
Brianna Acevedo - Keyboard
Cristian Acevedo - Drums


As x Stevie Wonder
Fast As You Can x Fiona Apple

Virtual Insanity x Jamiroquai
Do I Do x Stevie Wonder
Runaway x Jamiroquai


Just Billy

Mentor Taylor Powell
Tali Bajaroff - Piano and Voice
Cecilia Leon - Guitar and Voice
Daisy Hoover - Piano and Voice
Shaun Merrill - Drums and Percussion
Alad Peretz - Drums and Percussion
Ana Sofia Roldan - Bass


Christina Aguilera Medley (Candyman, Ain't No Other Man, All I Want Is You)
Junie x Solange
I Try x Macy Gray (arr. by Busty and the Bass)

Mentor Max Farber
Khloe Moore - Voice
Maria Briceño - Piano
Sergio Shapiro - Guitar
Cristian Acevedo - Drums


The Light x Jordan Rakei
Alright x Jordan Rakei
Love on Top x Beyonce
Totoro Jam



Mentor Zach Larmer
Sasha Crews - Voice
Teddy Kingsbury - Piano
David Lehr - Bass
Steven Shapiro - Guitar
Cristian Acevedo - Drums


Butterfly x Herbie Hancock (Arranged by Gretchen Parlato)
All Star x Smash Mouth (Arranged by Steven Shapiro)
My Mind x YEBBA
15 Step - Radiohead

S E T 0 3

18:00 - 20:00


Mentor Danny Marques
Evie Dimitropoulos - Voice
Silvana Baza - Voice
Matthew Sammons - Guitar
Brandon Jacobson - Guitar and Bass


Call Me x Blondie
Cryin' x Aerosmith
Long Train Runnin' x Doobie Brothers
Billy Bob (original tune by LMSOM band Summer Valentine)
Welcome to the black parade x My Chemical Romance


Paradoxical Tangerines

Mentor Zach Larmer
Grant Rotbart - Drums
Aitor Cazalis - Piano
Olivia Gonzalez - Voice
Daniela Zebede - Guitar


1612 x Vulfpeck
Upside x Allen Stone
I Don't Really See You Anymore x Lake Street Dive
Wait For The Moment x Vulfpeck
Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand x Lake Street Dive

Mentor Danny Marques
Victoria Molina - Guitar and Voice
Sebastian Emmanuel - Drums
Sofia Benedetti - Drums
Andrea Piñate - Piano
Oliver Gomez - Bass


The Less I Know The Better x Tame Impala
Since I've Been Loving You x Led Zeppelin
Arabella x Arctic Monkeys

Mentor Juan Pablo Díaz
Katerina Valle - Guitar,
Natalia Olmedo - Piano
Liliana Grady - Piano
Aitor Cazalis - Drums
Zoe Holtzman - Voice
Piera Dozsa - Voice


Death of a Bachelor x Panic! at the Disco
Don't Stop Me Now x Queen
Tangled x Maroon 5
You Go Down Smooth x Lake Street Dive